TLC Drains Plus

Friendly caring service. With over 20 years experience. We have what it takes.


TLC Drains Plus

Friendly caring service. With over 20 years experience. We have what it takes.


TLC Drains Plus

Friendly caring service. With over 20 years experience. We have what it takes.

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Schedule a Service with TLCdrains Today! Call: 289-218-9451

Schedule a Service with TLCdrains Today!

Call: 289-218-9451

Service Offered

Drain cleaning

We offer a wide range of plumbing and drainage services to suit your needs for your home. From plugged sinks, toilets, main lines. We have the equipment and know how to get the job done.

Camera Inspections

When you are caught by a plumbing disaster, call us! A broken pipe inside or outside can be TV inspected and located allowing for the necessary repairs to take place.

Pipe locates

Buying a new home or renovating?  Have the sewer lines inspected prior to purchasing or commencing your project.

Excavations for sewer or water repair

We have the resources, expertise and capability to transform your property to meet your project needs. We provide the most complete service packages to any project we take on.

Broken or leaking pipe repairs

Get your leaking pipe repaired right away before it ruins your basement or other property. You can rely on our quick service and affordable plumbing rates.

Basement renovations or refinishing

Put our 20+ years of experience to work for you. We are committed to providing the best experience when it comes to improving your home or business property.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

Turn your house into your dream home by having our team of expert technicians remodel your kitchen and bathrooms.


Other Plumbing Service

We are available 24/7 for Emergency Calls. Our long term goal is to justify the trust our customers place on us by providing the best possible service provided at a fair price.

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We are available 24/7 for Emergency Calls. We can help you in the area of Oakville and Burlington and throughout the GTA and Hamilton Area.



5 Stars (5 / 5)

These guys stand behind their work. They came out and unclogged my drain under my bathroom. You won’t have any trust issues with these guys. They are straight up and fair.

annaLisa L.


5 Stars (5 / 5)

Very professional and clean, great company. Quick, prompt, and friendly service. Would recommend TLC Drains.

johnyJohn Smyth


5 Stars (5 / 5)

Absolutely Amazing Service. They come out in the middle of the night.

Bostjan T.

Area we Serve

Area we Serve

  • Oakville 89%
  • Mississauga 44%
  • Burlington 55%
  • Other 34%


Tree Roots in the Pipes

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems in any household. Whether it is the sink, basin or toilet. Drains are blocked every day and cause a lot of headaches.
Pouring bleach or some other chemicals down the sink only works to a certain extent, but after a while something has to be done to unblock it. The best piece of advice when dealing with blocked drains is, not to try and unblock it yourself. We often find that when we are called out we have to deal with much worse problem than it would be if you had not tempered with drain yourself. More likely than to find a drain that needs to be unblocked, we find a blocked and damaged drain, which creates much more work than it would have initially been which is not only frustrating but also ends up costing much more.

When faced with a blocked drain the best thing to do is to just straight up call a plumber, to inspect the pipe with camera and remove the obstacle without using any chemicals which would initially damage your pipes. We use a safe and efficient metal tool designed specially to cut and clear the blockage inside the pipes. If you are trying to do it yourself, you need to take into consideration, that while the most common source of blocked drains is caused by grease and fat along with when washing hair, the hair can get caught in drains or flushing toilet paper or nappies down the toilet, these will not necessarily be the case for your blocked pipes. More often than not trees and leaves will be the cause for the blockage. Roots of the trees are drawn to nearest water source, which makes them wrap around the pipes and reach into every available crack so much that not only do they cause blocked drains, they can also cause your pipes to crack, leading to bigger problems.

If you are tired of constantly having to fix blocked drains only to find that it is a temporary fix, you should call us and let us come diagnose the source of your problem and solve your issue. Just remember trying to remove the blockage causing the blocked drain yourself can cause more unwanted and unnecessary expenses.